> Training RTC-07
Training RTC-07
Rework and repairs of printed circuit boards
Training purpose
  • Gaining theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for repairs of printed circuit boards (laminate, hole’s metallization, PCB tracks and soldering points). Training course is performed based on currently obligatory IPC-7721 repairs standard.

Training time length

  • Number of hours: 24
  • Number of participants: 6 - 12

Training program

  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) at workplace
  • ESD protections
  • Technology of printed circuits production
  • Types and build of PCBs
  • Repairs techniques of damaged laminate (hole’s metallization, PCB tracks, solder points and edge connectors)

Training destined for persons

  • Directly involved in laminate repairs on printed circuits boards, which passed RTC/06 training course.

Advantages for participants

  • Gaining the knowledge about requirements related with laminate repairs on printed circuit boards meeting current obligatory international standards
  • Getting personal certificate of finishing the training